Saturday, July 20, 2013

Click on the GUIDE ON THE SIDE song

I created these three videos.   Can you give some hits?  The clicks are related to education..

request for likes

a tour of Dan Pink's books


Wagner seven survival skils


Guide on the Side song with Personal Learning Plans, Portfolios and Projects

Here are the lyrics of the song  (sung to the tune of YOU HAVE A FRIEND by Carly Simon)

When you are bored, distracted 
and you want to change the world
and nothing seems to be fun to do

Send a text and ask for time
and soon we will reply.
to listen to whatever is on your mind.

You type GUIDE on the SIDE
and you know wherever you are
You'll get an answer:  "Hey, what's up?"
and a line to your future.

Phone call, Skype, email or Tweet,
Take a breath and tell us your needs
and you'll find your passion soon.

You've got a guide... on the side.
Yeah, Guide on the Side....

Thank you for your clicks.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's Valley Fever? Let's give some hits to this useful FAQ page

The "Net Impact" click for today is related to a condition that people who live in the desert might suffer from.

Hope you will click to give them some hits

Click here if you agree with David McCullough: "Bring back History at Family Dinner Time"

We learn history through stories.  "When in the course of human events..."   the critical word is HUMAN.
-- David McCullough on 60 Minutes, June 2013

David McCullough has a request:  Can we please create family time at dinner time?  And can we discuss history?

Here is a click that might help:  Questions


Monday, July 1, 2013

While we are having an impact on the Internet, let's be smart (recommended by Bob Finch)

What footprints do you leave behind?

Social Media

Social Media is a fun place to "jump in and leave some footprints."  But let's be careful...

If you want to find great places to visit on the Internet, then follow Bob Finch on Twitter.

If you want to find great places to visit on the Internet, then follow Bob Finch on Twitter.

Do you have artists whom you want to have us give more clicks to? (What is the rule? "Whom" or "Who"?). Is there an artist who deserves more clicks? Here are some artists whom I support.

One of my ESOL students from 2009 has a music career.   Here is a recently posted video.

I've asked her to post the lyrics.

Here's a video that has fewer than 300 views. Let's give the Linor Documentary (Brave Miss World) some clicks, likes and comments

Click here for the LIKE

Click here for the view   Let's put this clip into 5 digits...

How did the documentary raise part of its funding?  See the campaign

See the link to learn more  Click here to learn more and get more "netimpact" links to click

click here to Follow the director

Statement by Linor:
read more

Note the structure of the title...  Brave ____ World, like the Aldous Huxley book.


Here are some additional links related to the documentary (from vimeo)...

Click here for the Survivor Testimony

Start the clicks here   4-minute trailer