Thursday, November 28, 2013

ANOTHER AVENUE OF IMPACT: Leave comments on Education Week ... and give a click to School number 39...

Drop in on the comments left about Tom van der Ark's piece (38 schools worth visiting) and you'll see how one person can make some impact.   Yes,  those VOTES are by me.

Note the THUMBS up and down logo

CLICK HERE to see Dan Pink's quote of the phrase that motivates Apple...

The idea behind is to turn web time into "let's make a ding in the universe." 

Oh, and make a visit to the 35 High Schools that Tom van der Ark recommends...

My tweet:  35 High Schools Worth Visiting  Also Dennis Yuzenas at Oxbridge and

While you are visiting this page, please click on   and see the Facebook page for Jason Trinidad, one of the teachers behind School number 39... 
How has the web changed in the past day?  
What impact did you have on the world or neighborhood around you?  
Did you leave the the Net a little bit more organized or a bit more enhanced?  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Your Net Impact can raise awareness of Marine Reach ministry (thanks to a video shot by John Hinde)

A video produced and shot by John Hinde is now available... and I was one of the first people to click on SUBSCRIBE for John Hinde...   

The story of Marine Reach is 

how to get cataract surgery to the islands of Fiji

The ministry has visited 140,000 patients in
 16 nations in 10 years 

Your clicks can bring a new dawn to
the eyes of many people in the South Pacific

have a look at these photos.

It is inspiring.

Your click can have an impact

Why not have a look?

Best wishes.

Thank you for your click

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