Sunday, December 22, 2013

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Across the Hudson River, on the east bank, you can find the
Beacon Mountain Railway

See the

A real estate developer has devoted some of his wealth to introducing young people
to the historical documents of the USA (recommended by Noel Thompson)
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Here is a link to a presentation I created for GlobalEdConference this November:

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Big Picture School have a tradition of introducing important ideas.  The speech by Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is an example.   The Mayor and his wife were awarded with ENERGY and LEADERSHIP prizes.  Click here to have an impact on the Internet.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

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Here is a video on the same channel (from the creator of the video above)

Highland Park Continuation High School takes a field trip to 

Homeboy Industries to meet with Luis and Fabian Debora. 

This Video is a collaboration between Bienvenidos, 

Homeboy Industries and TELASOFA Mentors.

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This video is recommended by Enrique Gonzalez.

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The same video channel has this public announcement with a list of 5 tips ...  if you are studying Spanish, this is a fun way to build vocabulary.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Make an impact: Ask yourself, "What place or book or movie has touched my heart? What sets my mind on fire?" and then describe the place or movie or book without using "It's very GOOD or WONDERFUL and you should see / read it"

The exercise is fun:   Write about a place or a book or a movie and explain WHY it is good or awesome.   Use other adjectives and put us in the story.

Or talk about how you feel when you are in that place or when you see that movie

I'm thinking about a place that is located about twenty minutes by car north of Orlanod and north of Disney.  Wekiva springs has water that comes from 200 miles away.  Rain falls in the mountains of Georgia and filters underground.

here is a link

Wekiwa Springs - Welcome to Florida State Parks

Park Activities. Bicycling Icon, Bicycling. Birding Icon, Birding. Campfire Circles Icon, Campfire Circles. Camping, Equestrian Icon, Camping, Equestrian.

the water picks up small particiles of rock and becomes filled with minerals.

when the water emerges from the ground, it comes through a hole that is 10 meters under water.  the spring gives 1 million liters of fresh water each hour and i have enjoyed so many minutes sitting in this water.

I feel so relaxed when I sit in that water.  The soft minerals touch my skin, caress my fingers and make me feel special.   I hope everyone gets a chance to see this place...  the best time is when there is almost nobody there... but when I hold my breath and go underwater, I can be on a paradise island for thirty seconds, alone with my loved one, and I can feel her touch through the water.

wow, such a magical place

the location is near Apopka  Florida

Wekiwa Springs State Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wekiwa Springs State Park is a 7,000-acre (28 km2) Florida State Park in Apopka, Florida. It is located 20 minutes north of Orlando, off Interstate 4 at exit 94, .

A slide show

This exercise works when the teacher can invest as much energy and fire as the students.  I am inspired by my students who have written delightful and passionate experssions about interesting places.

The mother's watch

It's cold outside

but what do you do when love find's you?

what is the fine's purpose?
What is the purpose of the fine?

I'd rather go tomorrow
I would

I'd better go tomorrow
I had

You can get fry's with your eggs'

Plants which are growing there are famous for their unique biology.

Plants, which are growing there, are famous for their unique biology.

I went to the mall that is near my home
I went to the mall to get some milk, which I needed to feed the neighbor's cat.