Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Click here to help teachers learn about a useful tip (to improve their ability to present information)

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Find your gift, then give it away (seen on the Internet)

I found this message on the wall of my facebook page.  I'm not sure where it came from.  
My goal as a teacher is to put this message in front of students.   

My goal as a taxpayer is to make it possible for teachers to have the resources and training to put this message in front of students.   

Thanks to Leslie Lott for posting this message.

Here are five things to click on. Your clicks will raise the rank of these items.

Here is a booklet that I compiled using materials by Sydney Omarr.
bubbles created by whales around a school of herring

(2)  Here is a booklet that my friend Mario Llorente inspired when he sent me an article on wikipedia about "Humanistic Education"

A click is nice.   I want to build the future with you.  Let's go.   Yella!

(3)  Close Encounter   a man and a whale

(4)  blue whale

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Monday, May 20, 2013

An interesting slogan from Julie Dixon ("Use Your Currency. Ask people to act.") "Shape Your World" and a link to Conner Gorry's blog. Two reasons to click and increase   why not click and learn about Conner Gorry...
I found this slogan on the top of this Chasing Chaypril blog.

I like her slogan:  Use your currency.

A girl in China

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Let's practice Spanish conversation with videos. What is about learning a language?

Let's promote conversation.

HEre is a conversation that could be used over and over again.
Step 1
Read the lines.  

Step 2
listen to the dialog

Step 3
Listen again!   Wow, this guy talks quickly!

Let's help this video get more hits.

Click on Dr. Grammar's blog and let's help shift how writing is taught

Click here   let's have an impact.  let's click on this blog entry by eminent professor Dennis Baron...

The Web of Language by Dennis Baron

Let's take the views from under 10,000 to over 10 million...

Sunday, May 19, 2013 suggests a visit to Summerhill

Why not go here?  Look at Summerhill

Parents are slow in realising how unimportant the learning side of school is. Children, like adults, learn what they want to learn. All the prize-giving and marks and exams side-track proper personality development. 

Books are the least important apparatus in a school. All that any child needs is the three R’s the rest should be tools and clay and sports and theatre and paint and freedom.

Most of the school work that adolescents do is simply a waste of time, of energy, of patience. It robs youth of its right to play and play and play: it puts old heads on young shoulders.

Read more

Activity from May 2013: What is Your Net Impact?

Here are some posts from May
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Discussion of Summerhill

Webinars from ASCD (a useful organization)
New poster about Mary Finnocchiaro's work

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Inspiration is always a lady.  Loneliness is her friend and silence is the spouse who breeds her.  
Jose Marti

Translated by Mario Llorente Leyva

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