Sunday, May 19, 2013

What is It's like your klout, it's your impact on the Internet. is here
What is your impact on the Internet?  
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One measure is called  

Another way to measure your impact on the Internet is to count how many people you have 
urged to click on an obscure video (with fewer than 1,000 views) ...

Two years from now, 
what will happen to Ken Robinson's video?
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Will the people who saw 
Robinson's TED talks also
know about a book
written by Raymond Hartjen?

Will any of those people
know about Sudbury schools?
What about Summerhill?
Click here to see a recent post about these schools....

Click on
What else could you post 
in your status box on your
Facebook page?

What do you want to see happen?  How are you managing your time on the Internet?  As Clint Black sings, "We can use our time carefully."  Find the lyrics

What additional account 
could you subscribe to?

What places do you subscribe to?
Where do you go to get information?
What sites and youtube channels do you follow?
What is your next click?
What do you recommend?  (How about recommending this post to your friends and colleagues...?  We can use the hits.)

What is your net impact?

see the video
Inspiration is always a lady.  Loneliness is her friend and silence is the spouse who breeds her.  
Jose Marti

Translated by Mario Llorente Leyva

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