Thursday, August 15, 2013

Instructions for students who want to share interesting videos with other people.

I met three students
a pirate
a foodie 
and an undersea survey in Australia

I'm inspired by their curiosity.  one of them expressed interest in "how do we make an impact?"

I believe that clicks can change how others perceive a video.  If 200 people can become regular clickers, who could recommend places to click, then we could draw attention to useful places online.

1. Find a cool video (preferably under clicked, such as below 5000 clicks.)  
2. Send the link to
3. Then send a text to  (954) 646 8246 with "Hey, Steve, check your email" and also give the link to the video.
4.  Give at least one sentence about WHY you are inspired by the video.   Your sentence could move me to include that link here on this blog.

I also met a violinst who can inspire 14 different emotions ONLY by playing notes.  No introduction, no words, "Imagine that you are on a desert and suddenly a forest starts growing at your feet."   Nothing but the music.   Can she move me?

A guy who "is never Wrong" now knows where to put loads of mp3s and videos onto a Mac Air that is somewhere on the first floor.  
Anyone could find the computer.
Nobody needs to
Doubt the possibility that
Anyone could find the right
Links on the first

Send me suggestions.

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