Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your click can add some impact to these videos and presentations. Take a moment to increase your Net Impact

Here is a link to a presentation I created for GlobalEdConference this November:

What is your next click going to be?
What is your next "LIKE"?

Where could you put your consciousness and where could you direct others to look?

What are you doing to curate your collection of "important stuff"?



Go ahead, click here and then share it with others.

1.  Post the link in your Facebook STATUS page
2.  Send a twitter announcement.  Invite others to visit this page.
3.  Take photo or snapshot of the presentation page and share it with friends on Facebook and elsewhere.
Thank you for increasing Your Net Impact



Visit Dan Pink's vimeo channel and LIKE these videos (the successors to the Elevator Pitch)

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