Saturday, February 1, 2014

Capture a Story: Find an older person, record an important event in that person's life, and spread the lesson that you learned from that story.

Here's the story that I learned from Dave Deppner

Dave was working at a desk in Philippines for Peace Corps. His 9-to-5 job was pushing papers, so at 5:01 pm he got on a moped or a truck and drove into the mountains. He talked to farmers well into the night and returned to the same village each day for a week and had persuaded dozens of farmers to create fence lines around their land ….

He talks about Manila in the video.
At minute 3 pm, in the video...

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He talks about pigs and gallus gallus (an ancestor of the chicken)…. and the essence of his program. It was the after-work volunteering that he did while in Manila that inspired me. He didn't stop with his desk job. He found his life work and his life's creation (he later set up a non-profit organization) by doing service.
This is my attempt to post a comment.  Who will join me?

In essence, in this video he is a farmer. He's a farmer who uses the gift of gab, the sustained use of non-sales persuading (described by Dan Pink in To Sell is Human) and he is moving forward. Dave Deppner used words to motivate others. He told stories. He moved me and touched my heart and I'm crying now (as I write these words) because I have done so little to continue his work. I hope by writing this email to you, Dennis, Matt, Omar, Leslie, Jaime, Jen, Stephanie, Mrs. Q. and other teachers, that you will be moved to click on the video and share the video with your students... and perhaps to encourage your students to sit with an older person and find the Dave Deppner inside the older person. There are stories that are waiting to be told.

I clicked and commented.  How about you?
I'm very lucky to know... to have met Dave and I hope this message can touch the minds of teenagers and move them to click on the video. Subscribe. Click, LIKE and leave a comment. Today there are fewer than 1200 views of his video.

Let's increase that number. Get into your Youtube account and Hit Subscribe.  Hit Link and Hit Comment.

Thank you.

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