Monday, February 10, 2014

Four clicks for The European Leadership Course, a rant about Hashtags and a new blog about Trials (created by one of my Hungarian students) .... many clicks and requests for Feb. 2014


You might follow this blog to find out "what is next to click on."  Well, here is a start:
This is a request...    it is meant to help a friend who has started a school program in France...
If you have not yet clicked, please click
Please hit LIKE

Please visit the youtube channel
please click on some videos
like like like
leave a comment
Please click here

In particular, please click on this link and describe in a comment your thoughts about the seven skills needed in the Global Economy

and then hit the TWITTER  link  FOLLOW, LEAVE A MESSAGE, Post a photo

and the website    Please check the course dates and please think about someone who is available during those dates.

Then you can read this blog and decide whether or not to start blogging about a topic....

Here is the link

I hope you are inspired to make some comments.

This is what I did when I saw the "rant"... I posted this comment

I made the first google + and
Like on Facebook for this blog post.

YOU CAN ALSO GO to see this new blog about trials in history

Here's the link to his TRIALS blog.  please click on it.

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